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Sarah Starrenburg

Playground Politics

Playground Politics

OMG, you won’t believe it… like, what’s going on right now!

So, how it started was, see, Kev and Jules were like, totes THE couple of the school. I mean, Kev is kind’ve a nerd, he’s super-smart and all that, but he’s also a crazy good actor, and everyone was like, really stoked to see him as the lead in the school musical, he had everyone like, psyched, that this would be the best eva.

And like, Jules seemed really pumped too – she’s into that scene too, she can like, slip into character and you don’t even know which Jules she’s gonna pull out, y’know? But she’d only been offered a chorus role, so she would just hang out and help Kev with his big songs ‘n that – he like, had a really big, boppy number called ‘Stimulus’ that he got to fully belt out with this epic choir they hired in at some crazy cost and this other one that was like a remix or something of Timbaland’s ‘Apologize’ I think…anyway, there were others, but he didn’t end up getting to do them all…

Coz, oh my gosh, it was insane! The show was like, supposed to run for 3 days, right? So, opening night comes, it’s totes rockin, standing ovation and all that. Kev nails it like a boss. But THEN, on the second night, everyone was saying like, Kev kind’ve choked or something – whatever. He like, piked straight home after the show that night, but Jules hung around backstage, and was like, totally bagging him out! She reckoned heaps of people had said to her she would be heaps better. Seriously!!

But still, everyone thought it was just, well, talk, y’know? Just blowing off steam.

So, everyone like, rocks up the next night, it’s first positions, but….no Kev. I know, right?! The stage crew were like scrambling all around, oh my gosh, it was crazy – there were no lights, no one knew what was going on, people were totes whispering like crazy – and then, JULES steps on stage and starting doing the lead’s lines!!!! She had taken Kev’s mike and costume and was just doing the part like nothing happened!!!! No-one could believe it!!! SO totes inappropes!!!

Kev took off, like of course right? No-one was even sure where he was headed but I think he drove pretty far – he insta’ed a sunrise from this mountain like ages away so I think he musta just needed some distance, y’know?

But then. O.M.G.

So, it’s closing night tonight, right? Jules is thinking Kev just gave in, but Kev walks up to her on the oval, at lunch today right, and says all the lighting and sound guys totally think he should be doing the role, and so if she goes ahead tonight, she’s be in the dark and with no mic! And she says well all the chorus think she should be doing it, so good luck if he wants to do a one-man show! They started yelling and swearing, it was pretty crazy!! And then BAM! Suddenly they’ve organised a school vote!!! Everyone’s putting their name in one of the two glass jars in the office. Mrs Temple (she’s the receptionist) doesn’t mind, I think she thinks we’re voting for student council or something though, just quietly.

The thing is, I was on facebook, and I saw a bunch of people saying they did have tickets to the show tonight, but since they’re not sure who’ll be playing the lead…y’know…

Anyway, Becky reckoned that Amanda says that Teagon heard they’re all gonna go to the movies instead. Lol.

Shame though. They’re kind’ve ruining it for the rest of the school.


  1. haha!! Sarah!! that’s amazing!!! :)

  2. this is perfect! haha loved it!

  3. hilarious!

  4. nice.

  5. This is so great!

  6. Thanks guys! :) crazy times hey!

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