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Sarah Starrenburg

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What is at stake…

Posted on Aug 7, 2014 in Faith, Theology, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Unless you believe that God, for the most part, withholds the calling of teaching and the talent of public speaking from women, then the overwhelming dominance of men as preachers and teachers within theologically egalitarian churches requires the acknowledgement of the likelihood of issues of systemic marginalisation.

Such a realisation, though, shouldn’t lead us to despair. Nor can we dare allow it to lead us to resignation. Rather, the clarity of the situation should compel us to lift our eyes to envision full partnership with the missio dei by releasing all of God’s called into their divinely appointed roles within that mission, and then to vigorously work to see that vision realised.

What is at stake is nothing less than the fullness of God’s redemptive design for the world through his people.

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