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Sarah Starrenburg

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Exit: Fear

Posted on Nov 6, 2014 in Life, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Every day, we convene a committee around the table of our mind. A gaggle of voices, experiences and impulses that guide our thoughts, decisions and actions. The voices we listen to most turn up again and again – whether that’s optimism, or cynicism, or boldness or thoughtfulness. Maybe there might be a special appearance made from time to time – prudence, if you usually jump right in; or vision, if you tend to play it safe.

There’s one voice though, that is perhaps the most dangerous, the most deceptive.

The voice of fear.

Fear whispers a lot of things, in dark days and darker nights. It sounds so reasonable and solid, and curls it’s half-truths around us like deadly tendrils. And threading through so many of it’s oh-so-convincing words, Fear whispers, in a thousand ways, one lie…

‘You don’t matter’

It’s a lie, of course. But a powerful one. A sinister one. A persistent one.

And if we allow ourselves to believe and live out of the lie that feeds these kinds of fears, it doesn’t just hurt us.

Imagine a whole bunch of people walking around trying to protect their hearts from each other; trying to keep from letting anyone close enough to (inevitably) hurt them, since surely no-one cares about them as much as they themselves care. Imagine all the while those same people believing that pursuing their giftings and callings with passion and tenacity and discipline doesn’t really matter, because their contribution is just not that meaningful or powerful anyway.

Doesn’t that just sound…small?

But then imagine a group of people fearless in their love, their acceptance, their intimacy. Imagine that group dedicated to their calling, their stewardship, their art, their service.

Doesn’t that sound like something…significant?

Because fear wants to keep us small, but the truth sets us free for significance.
The truth is that you are loved – wildly, unrestrainedly, passionately.
The truth is that you matter – to God, to others, to the world.

The truth is that there are things you are called to do that cannot be done by anyone else.
Your life matters. Your presence in relationships matters. Your work matters.
What you do with your heart and hands today, it all matters – deeply, eternally, and immediately.
You matter.

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