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Sarah Starrenburg

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Why I love Easter Saturday

Posted on Apr 19, 2014 in Faith | 0 comments

For me, there’s something about Easter Saturday.


On Good Friday, I am always so struck by the weight of what was sacrificed on my behalf – of the pain, and the gravity, of the cross.


On Easter Sunday, glorious Easter Sunday, the hope and the life of that day fill my soul to bursting and my heart cannot help but rejoice!


But Easter Saturday also has its own special poignancy. It is the in-between. And really, isn’t that what resonates most with our own experience of this life, both in the physical and the spiritual?


Between the promise and the fulfillment.


Between the prayer and the answer.


Between the sacrifice of Friday, and the victory of Sunday.


Saturday, to me, represents the journey. The being on-the-way.


On the way from hope to rest; from healing to wholeness; from vision to victory.


Easter Saturday reminds me of all that, and it reminds me how very much Jesus is in the midst of that. It reminds me that he, too, has won a victory he has not yet seen the full outworking of amongst his people or his world.


He is very much in the in-between with us. And that is why I love Easter Saturday.


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